Dr. Barbrina Ertle

Susan Deedy has been an amazing support and advocate for our son, who has Aspergers. We had spoken to other special education lawyers prior to finding Susan, but received little encouragement or hope with regards to our case. In finding Susan, though, it became very clear that a good attorney needs to know more than just the law. A good attorney needs to know the child and his/her needs. From the beginning, Susan demonstrated an amazing understanding of our son's needs, reflecting her deep understanding of the broad variations in the Autism Spectrum. Her legal advice and support have been extraordinary, in understanding our needs, in guiding us patiently and compassionately through the legal process, and with her knowledge and connections within the special education community. Her efforts have changed our son's life, and our lives forever, and we will forever be grateful to have found her and to have benefitted from her legal expertise and experience.