Susan is truly a master in the field of special education law. As a client of her firm, and as a practicing attorney, I am impressed by both her legal skills and her ability to counsel her clients. She is particularly adept at analyzing cases and immediately identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each matter she takes on, which allows her to chart a course for a successful outcome.

– Client

During the 2005-06 school year, my son Brian was transitioning out of EI and into CPSE, kindergarten, after looking at the district's program, we knew it would not be appropriate for our son's needs. We wanted him to attend a program that would benefit him, not the program that Massapequa school district had just switched to. We knew we needed an attorney to help us, but not just an education attorney, one that really cares and listens to the parents. I was referred to Susan Deedy through my sister-in-law and contacted her office. She immediately called me back. We discussed at length our concerns with the upcoming district meeting; we just wanted what was best for our son. She listened with compassion, concern and more important, with our son's best interests at heart. Susan has always followed-up during the school year to see how he is doing in the program and if we have any concerns.

We have Susan Deedy for the past 7 years and with her on our side we have always received the services we needed for our son. She has always fought to get our son into the best program that matched his needs.

I have recommended Susan to various parents in the past and would not hesitate to do so again.

– J.O.

I have been using Susan Deedy for the last 3-4 years. She is a very reliable and respectful lawyer. She will work very hard to get all the information needed to win your case and will always be there for you, to answer your questions and concerns. She will also explain everything to you. She will always respond to your calls or emails in a timely manner.

– S.P.

When you have a child struggling, it is consuming. Susan Deedy represented my family for four years. Her professionalism, expertise, and kindness made the process seeking tuition reimbursement manageable during a stressful time. Susan is creative, persistent and attentive to her clients. I would recommend her to anyone in need of the services she provides. And, in my family's case, we are pleased with the results.

– Tuition Reimbursement Client

Susan Deedy has been an amazing support and advocate for our son, who has Aspergers. We had spoken to other special education lawyers prior to finding Susan, but received little encouragement or hope with regards to our case. In finding Susan, though, it became very clear that a good attorney needs to know more than just the law. A good attorney needs to know the child and his/her needs. From the beginning, Susan demonstrated an amazing understanding of our son's needs, reflecting her deep understanding of the broad variations in the Autism Spectrum. Her legal advice and support have been extraordinary, in understanding our needs, in guiding us patiently and compassionately through the legal process, and with her knowledge and connections within the special education community. Her efforts have changed our son's life, and our lives forever, and we will forever be grateful to have found her and to have benefitted from her legal expertise and experience.

– Dr. Barbrina Ertle

Susan Deedy is a blessing to my family! Susan is not only dedicated to her craft, but she works with her heart. After a phone call with Susan, I was confident that the effort she was going to put forth for my son, was the same that she would for a member of her family. Having Susan on my team, made me feel victorious even before our win. We went head on with a school district with deep pockets and two attorney's representing their corner; in the end we won! Well, my son won. He has an appropriate education in a non-public school for the next six years that not only teaches him the way he learns, but that nurtures his talents in an incredible way. Thank you Susan for your dedication, passion, but mostly your heart! I am forever grateful!

– K.N.

Navigating special education litigation was a difficult and intimidating process for me. Susan Deedy has always been responsive when I had questions. She took the time and care to explain my child's rights in a way that I understood and put my mind at ease knowing that I had someone on my side to help my child get the educational services they need.

– M.K.

If you are a concerned parent that is having a hard time trying to get the proper help for your child, Susan Deedy is the individual to reach out to. Susan has helped us to help our son Anthony succeed. Susan is a leader in her field of education law. Without Susan's help, we do not know where we would be today.

– A.Q. & R.Q.